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Our Approach

Our Process

Patrick Capital Markets follows processes that are flexible and efficient – an ideal combination.

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.”

William Edwards Deming, American engineer, statistician and professor

Managing Dealer Services

Patrick Capital Markets offers managing dealer services to ensure capital raising efforts are efficient and compliant with regulatory requirements. We are experienced in a wide range of private placement structures, and recent engagements include real estate, banking, life settlement, solar tax credit equity, cryptocurrency and beverage-related offerings.


Sales Team

For Sponsors that have captive salesforce or wish to build one. 



We work with you and your legal counsel to deliver timely results. 


Offering Period

Real-time access to information and a highly responsive dealer team. 



Whether a single closing or on-going periodic closings, our process is fluid and efficient.

Private Offering

Our sponsors trust us to get their offerings to the finish line faster.

Diligence and Offering Document Review

We start the process with a plan and work with you, your timeline, and your counsel until completion


Engaging appropriate broker-dealer partners, wholesalers, and retail representatives to foster the offering as it launches

Subscriber Processing

We are experienced and flexible, creating an investor experience that is user-friendly and sound from regulatory perspective


Reaching the finish line with single or multiple fluid escrow breaks and closing

Our Core Principles

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