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What we do

What we bring to the table

For sponsors and registered representatives seeking a uniquely specialized broker-dealer, Patrick Capital Markets connects the right people, providing the backbone to close the offering.

Our size means we are flexible when working with investment sponsors and registered representatives to facilitate all types of products and business lines. Our experience, knowledge and service level as an organization allows us to be a true partner with our clients.

The Patrick Capital Markets

We employ specialized people.

Our capable and experienced staff – with their credentials and collective industry experience – is flexible in creating pathways that support our registered representatives, sponsors and investors. Our team’s experience and background give us the ability to review situations and offerings from a legal, tax, financial and regulatory perspective. That diverse background allows us to tackle a project from all angles at one time, which gets us to the finish line faster.

We’re extremely good at what we do.

We employ specialized people.

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We work swiftly and efficiently.

Delays are a pain point for our clients, so we avoid them. We are large enough to provide excellence for our clients but small enough to count agility as one of our strengths. We see solutions, not barriers.

We get deals done.

We work swiftly and efficiently.

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We have expertise in an array of alternative products.

Our signature is bringing alternative investments to market. We have experience in a broad range of alternative investment products - from private and venture capital funds to syndicated alternative investment offerings, 1031 DST/TICs, Real Estate Development with Conservation Option (REDCO), Opportunity Zones, BDC, REITs, Oil & Gas and other real estate and real asset-based offerings.

We're the alternative investment experts.

We have expertise in an array of alternative products.

We have resources in our relationships.

Our nationwide distribution network of professionals is among the elite. At any given moment, we have a curated inventory of investment opportunities as well as the people to rep them. Our wholesalers, retail reps, partner broker-dealers and registered investment advisors, along with our affiliate broker-dealer, Saxony Securities, separate us from the crowd. This mesh network of firms gives us access to independent financial professionals across the country who are seeking alternative products.

We’re connected.

We have resources in our relationships.

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What We Can
Do For You

Managing Broker-Dealer Services

Pairing sponsors with other broker-dealers and financial representatives to raise the capital and perform the services necessary to bring alternative investment products to market.

Alternative Investment Representative Services

We support representatives who sell alternative products directly to investors.

Independent Wholesalers/Third-party Marketers

We support independent wholesalers and third-party marketing professionals who market their products to broker-dealers and RIAs.

Investment Banking

We help licensed financial professionals structuring the sale of an offering. For example, mergers and acquisitions, where we structure the buyout.

Who We Serve

On the MBD side, our strength is that we have solid experience that allows us to see the deal process three dimensionally and not linearly. Hence, we question and anticipate challenges before they occur and guide sponsor-clients to avoid delays or pitfalls.

On the rep side, we support independence but are vigilant about regulatory requirements and the potential impact.


We partner with sponsors raising capital for alternative investments. We provide consistent, high-level service, including thorough reviews of offering content, professional and knowledgeable dialogue and feedback, and efficient and reliable administrative and licensed support. Our dedicated wholesaling team will assist sponsors in finding institutional and retail investors seeking alternative investments.

Registered Reps

We help representatives who seek independence in their practice and who sell alternative products directly to individual and institutional investors. Your priority is our priority. We have a deep bench of knowledgeable staff who provide support that is tailored to your practice; we honor the entrepreneurial spirit of our independent reps and we recognize that that they are experts in the sophisticated space they serve.

We are compliance forward, staying current on regulations related challenges, and we are adept at applying and interpreting regulatory guidance to ensure compliance within your unique business model. We strive to offer a competitive payout and exceptional independence to our reps. We have a disciplined product approval process; our diligence process is thorough, and our team is agile so we can accommodate important timelines.

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